Heavy Breathing Movement Panel Discussion, organized by Sophia Wang and Lisa Rybovich Crallé.  

A group discussion on CRITICAL SOMATICS with:

Olive Blackburn, dancer/phd candidate, dance history
Lydia Brawner, phd candidate, performance studies
David Buuck, poet
Zen Cohen, multimedia artist
CA Conrad, artist/poet
Shanti Ganesh, cognitive/neuroscientist/founder of kladlab
Christina Linden, OMCA curator
Julz Hale Mary, video/performance artist
Neve Mazique, literary/movement artist
Lucas Murgida, video/performance artist
Christian Nagler, artist/writer
Oscar Tidd, dancer/movement artist

This Movement Panel was part of The Lab's 24hr Telethon event.  The Lab - San Francisco CA  Oct 17, 2015