Heavy Breathing #11: Step by Step with Stairwell’s
Kezar Stadium, San Francisco
Saturday Aug 29, 2015

We will combine stair trivia and aerobics inspired by ‘80s and ‘90s dance routines to travel up and down the Kezar Stadium steps. Wear comfortable shoes and layered clothing suitable for stretching, light aerobics and stair climbing. Bring water, snacks and sunscreen. 

Watch the YouTube video for the New Kids on the Block song “Step by Step” for inspiration

STAIRWELL’S is a hybrid project – part curatorial platform, part social engagement – run by artists Carey Lin and Sarah Hotchkiss. Founded in 2011, we organize site-specific exhibitions, interactive events and facilitated explorations of the urban landscape. We aim to create new models for audiences to engage with art by shifting exhibitions out of traditional gallery settings and into transitional spaces like stairwells, garages, balconies and windows. For more info, visit stairwells.org.