In January 2017, the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive produced a limited edition HEAVY BREATHING READER for the museum's Reading Group series. The HB Reader is a compendium of writings, photographs, and ephemera from the 2016 Heavy Breathing series, which was hosted by the Berkeley Art Museum, curated by David Wilson. The Reader features contributions by the 2016 Heavy Breathing artists, including Stephanie Syjuco, Jacqueline Kiyomi Gordon, Margit Galanter, Olive McKeon, Sofía Córdova, Chris Sollars, Claudia La Rocco, and the International Community in Exile (I.C.E.)  Several copies of the Heavy Breathing Reader are available to peruse at your leisure, in the Berkeley Art Museum's "Reading Room" library (museum lower level).


 Our amazing assistant,  Andrea Carazo , showing off the Reader, hot off the press!

Our amazing assistant, Andrea Carazo, showing off the Reader, hot off the press!

heavy breathing catalog - 2015

Pick up a copy of the Heavy Breathing 2015 catalog designed by ALTR Studio and printed by Colpa Press. Featuring: Julz Hale MaryRaphael Noz, Jeepneys (Anna Luisa Petrisko), Brian TesterChani BockwinkelBonanza (Lana Williams, Lindsay Tully, and Conrad Guevara)Laura Boles FawEsra OğullariKate RhoadesEli Thorne, Larry ArringtonBrontez PurnellZen CōhenOlivia MoleChristian NaglerJoshua Kit ClaytonChristina Linden, Stairwell's, (Sarah Hotchkiss & Carey Lin), Xandra Ibarra (La Chica Boom) and an introductory essay by Olive McKeon.


download the catalog here